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Step Into the Leader 
You Were Born to Be 

Gurpreet Juneja speaks on “Step Into the Leader You Were Born to Be" at the Connections Over Coffee gathering of the On Purpose Woman Global Community.

Redefining Leadership 

This episode Gurpreet shares her experiences trying to balance working life as a parent, explains what "gardener medicine" is, and touches on the Corporate mindset; how it has evolved and where it needs to go to improve. 

Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Spiritual entrepreneurs will love this interview series with our author-experts from Bytes of Light, Evolving Leadership for the Spiritual Entrepreneur. These business owners are doing leadership differently and are the guides for the new energy and earth moving forward.

How to be on purpose in life and business

Join the authors of On Purpose Woman for a discussion about holistic, spiritual entrepreneurship and what it means to lead a purpose-driven life. Our experts are dropping powerful moments of awareness for you in this author interview series!

Gurpreet is an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine
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